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Introducing the Watchlist API

Whenever you start conducting business internationally a whole host of new regulations come into play. For US based businesses OFAC compliance is one of the most important of those, ensuring that you're not doing business with any of OFAC's Special Designated Nationals. Other countries have similar lists, including the UK, Australia and Canada.

Integrating with these lists and checking your customer's names against them on an ongoing basis is no trivial task. There are a huge amount of different formats, complex specifications, and the endpoints tend to break from time to time.

That's why I'm excited to announce the public release of our Watchlist API. We consolidate a global watchlist and let you easily check individuals and entities against it. You use a simple REST API and we deal with all the complexities behind the scenes.

curl ' Doe' \
        -u $CLEARBIT_KEY:
      "name": {
        "fullName": "John, Doe",
        "givenName": "John",
        "familyName": "Doe",
        "akaNames": ["John Moe"]
      "dob": "1968-10-10",
      "ssn": null,
      "passport": "H24123423",
      "addresses": ["Tehran, Iran"],
      "list": "ofac_fse",
      "remarks": "DOB 10 Oct 1968; POB Tehran, Iran.",
      "nationality": "IR",
      "type": "individual"

You can search the lists by name, and we return a matching list of individuals and entities. For more generic searches, you can also pass a fuzzy parameter and we will return near matches.

You can find more information about the API and the lists we cover in our documentation.

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