Andrew O'Neal Andrew O'Neal ·

Simple Lead Scoring and Qualification in Salesforce

This article is specifically for the Salesforce users out there. For a more general overview on lead qualification, see the modern guide to lead qualification. Salesforce is an ideal place to do lead qualification and scoring as it is typically the system of record and where all lead, contact, and...

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Mike Heller Mike Heller ·

Thinking Beyond Account Based Marketing

Ask 10 marketers or sales leaders to define Account Based Marketing (ABM) and you’ll get 10 unique and conflicting responses. As the definitions of ABM are ambiguous and quite varied, let’s agree to define Account Based Marketing as this: a simple approach that aligns sales and marketing teams...

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Alex MacCaw Alex MacCaw ·

How to score sales leads programmatically

If your business has an inbound sales process then you're probably measuring the quality of leads. Knowing how important a lead is helps with prioritizing followups effectively. Proactively reaching out to valuable leads and giving them the white-gloves treatment can also help conversion. At Clearbit we have a system that...

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