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Company Autocomplete API

We're excited to release Clearbit's free Company Autocomplete API. This API takes a partial company name and returns full company names, domains, and logos.

Clearbit APIs are all about making your product better. Whether that's indirectly by giving you more information about your customers, or a direct integration surfacing our data to your users.

The Company Autocomplete API completes the next part of the picture by lowering the burden of manual data entry when entering company information.

Try typing a company name below:


Autocomplete responses will include the following data:

Field Description
`domain` Domain Name
`logo` Logo URL
`name` Company Name

cURL the endpoint:

$ curl ""

Receive the following JSON:

    "domain": "",
    "logo": "",
    "name": "Clearbit"

Behind the scenes we're using our company database to build an inverted completion index with Elasticsearch Suggesters.

From there we've exposed a tiny JSON endpoint which serves up blazing fast results with the help of Fastly's excellent CDN solution.

If you find our Autocomplete API useful you'll love our Company Enrichment APIs.

Autocomplete box powered by Pixabay jQuery Autocomplete library.

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