Clearbit and Google Sheets

I'm excited to announce Clearbit's Google Sheet integration. This add-on lets you select rows of emails in Google Sheets and, with one click, process them through Clearbit populating the spreadsheet with the returned data.

Clearbit's Sheet integration lets you get started using Clearbit without any programming or complex technical integration. The add-on can be installed into any Google Sheet with one-click.

For example, you might have a list of emails who've signed up to your product's beta. By running them through Clearbit you can get a good indication of who's signed up, and also be alerted to high profile registrations say from a valuable company or a key influencer.

Clearbit returns any public social information we can find connected to an email, such as a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. We also return any company information associated with the email's domain, such as number of employees, investment, market categories and location.

To install the add-on, please visit its Google Webstore page and click on the plus button. Follow the post-install instructions and create a Clearbit account if you haven't already.