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Clearbit <3 Google Sheets

We're often asked whether there's a point-and-click way of using our APIs without writing code, and we're excited to announce that we now have a good answer—Sheets!

Clearbit Sheets is an incredibly powerful but simple tool for marketers and sales reps to instantly find new leads and contacts, automating the otherwise laborious task of list building, and all from within Google Sheets.

A gif tells a thousand words, so let me take you step-by-step through the process.


First you can use the Discovery tab to search for companies and organizations that match your target audience.
We support over 30 different search criteria, such as location, size and technology used.
In the example below we're searching for all medium sized software companies in Boston.


Now that we have our list of companies, we can use the Prospector tab to find contacts. Simply highlight the list of domains and search for people by title. Notice that we're returning the person's name, email address and title in the response.


What if you have an existing list of emails, but you need more information about each person? The Enrichment tab comes to the rescue—simply highlight a column of emails, click 'Enrich', and we'll pull over 80 distinct pieces of person and company data from our APIs straight into your spreadsheet.

In the spirit of empowering individuals to get started without breaking the bank, we've put together a special discounted bundle of all our APIs for $129/month. It's free to get started though—you can install the add-on using the button below:

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Join 15,000+ Subscribers
Get tactical growth tips once a week